Véronique Aptekman, Your Paris Spotter

With an eclectic, bi-cultural background (French & American) and tri-cultural life – a fluent Italian speaker and Italy-inamorata – Véronique is based in her native Paris, having spent 14 years living in New York, Los Angeles, London & Rome.


This multi-cultural exposure goes hand-in-hand with the art and travel initiation given to her as a young girl by her grandmother, a passionate and avid art collector who took Véronique on spectacular voyages to Morocco and Venice, and introduced her to all aspects of the arts from an early age.

While studying Art History at NYU, Véronique spent a semester abroad in Rome. Once back in Paris, she started working in film production, later moving into Public Relations for an industrial design agency. This last experience was a career eye-opener for her - she realized that everything is designed, from the mundane, such as airport signage systems, to the smart, like the ergonomics of a train, to the simple ingeniousness of something like up-cycling.

For her Masters degree in Communications at the CELSA, an offshoot of La Sorbonne, Véronique did an inspiring internship for a Parisian trend-scouting agency, Martine Leherpeur Conseil. It was a pivotal experience in her career, planting the seed for her future role as The Paris Spotter.
A naturally curious person who can’t stand to think that there might be an art museum, fabulous restaurant or new store opening that she doesn’t know about, Véronique is a fastidious and obsessive spotter of future trends in any creative field. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to discover new things is contagious, her visual radar spotting the special in the everyday, the trend in the air, and usually long before others have picked up on it.

The eternal globe-trotter, Véronique attends LeWeb conference every year, a fascinating overview of how new technology colors societal trends, explores furniture & design shows in Paris and Milan, and art fairs & shows in and outside of Paris.

Recent tours for corporations include those for beauty companies, the City of Melbourne, and trend scouting agencies in Paris & London (Martine Leherpeur Conseil and The Future Laboratory).

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