Service Offer for Corporations

The Paris Spotter offers high-end customized trend tours for businesses in off the beaten track boutiques and spaces. Our tours explore the fields of beauty, fashion, design, contemporary art, and food.

In Paris and its outskirts, our business tours are aimed at opening eyes and providing inspiration for your Marketing, Management, Design and R & D teams. Seeing the latest happenings in these creative fields – whether merchandising techniques, brand new products, colors and textures - can act as a powerful trigger for new ideas, product development, and firing up a creative team.

These tours are custom-tailored to your areas of interest & needs. They are fun and lively. We can organize tours with specific themes such as high-end pastries, niche perfume boutiques, Art Beyond The Péripherique (the circular highway that separates Paris from its suburbs), jewelry, etc. The Paris Spotter will suggest an itinerary but we always decide together.

Our tours for business are either full-day or half-day and include

Pick-up by The Paris Spotter with a chauffeured car/mini-bus – you tell us where

Every detail handled by us

Being greeted by a manager or representative on the premises of each place we visit most of the time

A printed itinerary of places visited (you will receive this ahead of time)

Tours can be conducted in French, English and Italian

Itinerary examples include

Niche and specialized perfume boutiques

High-end, ridiculously good French pastry shops

Think of it as Haute-Pâtisserie, like Haute-Couture

Art beyond the beltway

Exploring art galleries/spaces/museums on the outskirts of Paris (This tour takes all day)

The ‘Essential Tour’

A little of everything – one art space, one patisserie, one perfume boutique… you get the idea.

Clients include

The City of Melbourne, Symrise, The Future Laboratory, Martine Leherpeur Conseil.

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