The Paris Spotter offers high-end customized trend tours for people who want to discover niche boutiques, unexplored neighborhoods, or a hidden Paris with an in-the-know born and bred Parisian insider. The themes we cover include: The Arts, Beauty, Fashion, Design and Food

Our tours are off the beaten track. They show you great neighborhoods you’d never find on your own, unusual designers, creative and fun boutiques, as well as non-mainstream art spaces. They are neither traditional nor historical. The Paris Spotter will not take you to the Louvre, Notre-Dame or the Eiffel Tower. Other qualified art historians can do this for you. Depending on what you are in the mood for, tours can be a full day, half-day or simply last a few hours.

Our tours include

A planned itinerary based on your interests –
Love art ? Perfume ? Chocolate éclairs ?
We take it all into consideration

Pick-up by the Paris Spotter with a car/minibus & driver - you tell us where

Itinerary examples include

Niche and specialized perfume boutiques

High-end, ridiculously good French pastry shops

Think of it as Haute-Pâtisserie, like Haute-Couture

Art beyond the beltway

Exploring art galleries/spaces/museums on the outskirts of Paris (This tour takes all day)

The ‘Essential Tour’

A little of everything – one art space, one patisserie, one perfume boutique… you get the idea.

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